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Welcome to the GW2 Raid League

Compete in the largest community raiding event to date. Challenge yourself to speedclear bosses in a fair and competitive environment, whether you are an elite veteran or want to get into the competetive raiding Scene.

The Raiding League is a large scale community raiding monthly event aiming to offer a fair competition to everyone, as well as promote raids and its community. The league offers an open, easy to join monthly event for guilds and teams to compete against each other.
Two raid bosses get randomly drawn each month and teams can submit their fastest attempts on both of them within a one week period of time. Teams are however required to set a one-hour official timer during which they’ll be able to generate valid, attempt. Events are done offline and are then followed by a public review livestream hosted by experienced raiders, veteran players and streamers, showcasing the best runs and the best strategies.

Check out previous streams, leaderboards and boss povs in the Monthly Results.

Previous Winners

We hold monthly tournaments and keep track of the results over on our Events page!

Click the Button on the left panel to get to the corresponding Event-Site! You can find all manner of interesting information there, including leaderboards, the teams, the compositions and most importantly the POVs! We hope you enjoy the results of our fantastic participating teams

Previous Winners

Check out the past Splits and the participating guilds. Since 2021 we keep all data and submitted POVs neatly organized for you.

The Raid League Leaderboard

The Raid League is designed for the highest level of competition and still encourages new raid teams to participate by having a very flat reward structure.

All guilds may join and participate regardless of their players’ previous experience with Guild Wars 2’s competitions. This the Raid League is meant to host the highest level of competitiveness, with teams composed by veteran speedrunners, raid sellers or participants of previous community-organised competitive events and new raiders alike. By rewarding the top 16 teams we try to keep the competition alive even for teams not competing for the top spots as every single rank counts as it will net you a higher reward.

Helping the League

You can help the project grow by contributing to the in-game prize pool and sharing the project to your guild and to your friends!

The best way to promote the Raiding League is to participate with your friends and share the project around you. The League aims to reward as many teams as possible for their effort and giving an incentive to rank up. You can contribute to the project and promote raiding by donating any amount of gold, mystic coins and other items that will be entirely committed to increase the prize pool.

Please send your donations to the character name
‘R L Rewards’  (account name: FaustXIII.6409)
Please send your donations to the character name
‘R L Rewards’  (account name: FaustXIII.6409)