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Our Partners – the GW2 Community!

For players by players, the Raiding League lives on thanks to all participants, contributors and the raiding community.

Created and maintained by the community, the projects keeps on expanding thanks to all the contributor’s passion for it. The League and its streamers, content creators and helpers are striving to promote raids and the speedrunning community, as well as offering insights on what raiding is like for newcomers.

Raid Training Communities

We are Zexy!

EU GW2 raid training community. We do 2 trainings every day from Wednesday to Sunday, which are mostly focused on W5 to W7 and CMs. All of our trainings have all mechanics explained and are for both experienced raiders and complete beginners.

We are the Zexiest English speaking community!

Using discord is mandatory but talking is not required. There is no raiding experience required to join us – we are only asking for one geared up character with meta build and at least exotic gear (to make it easier for everyone). We DO NOT kick people because they are dealing low dps in a training run, because our runs are focused on teaching the mechanics correctly! If you have any questions about anything (ur class/rotation, etc.) we are ready to help you :). So feel free to contact any officer if you need more help.

Stay Zexy!

GW2 Raid Academy

Guild Wars 2 Raid Academy is an NA-based raid training Discord community that has been operating since June 2017.

Our main objective is to offer a non-judgmental environment for new and more experienced players to grow, share, and acquire the needed knowledge to perform well. Members are encouraged to learn wings and bosses at their own pace, either with runs led by our Instructors or through impromptu runs our community members organize. Our friendly Mentors on staff are also available to help you learn the fundamentals of your profession, analyze your rotation, or answer specific questions you may have through 1-on-1 sessions.

The Broadcaster Team

Sam Ajesté

French gamer based in the City of Light. I play mostly MMOs and FPS, although my undying love for Pokémon shows up ever so often!


British kitchenware disguised as a streamer. Saviour of the community, most known for being the organizer behind some of the most successful community events, including the ARP, ERP and MOTATournaments.


Hey! My name is MaericTV! I’m a hardcore raider with PMA vibes bringing fun and positivity to GW2 raiding every single day of the week 🙂


I am the ERP MVP, leaver of guilds, bearer of hugs, destroyer of dps meters, hard stuck 2nd place in tournaments, friend of the peepos, smusher of the peepos and bringer of jams.


Avid PvE-focused MMORPG-Player, looking for challenging content. My previous main game was Guild Wars 2, where I focused mostly on Raid-Speedkills with my guild LN Lucky Noobs. Nowadays you find me mostly in Final Fantasy XIV.


Hello, my name is Trevor, and I am 22 years old. I play video games too much, mostly GW2. I hope you enjoy my stream and my personality. 🙂

Community Websites

Lucky Noobs

Lucky Noobs are a traditional mostly German PvE speedclear guild, focusing on raids and fractals.

On their site they provide up-to-date guides for current PvE Meta builds, as well as Boss guides in both german and english.

Snow Crows

Snow Crows are an international PvE speedclear guild, focusing on raids and fractals.

On their site they provide up-to-date guides for current PvE meta builds, as well as class guides in english.


The GuildWars2 section of the famous site for speedrunners of all genres. Find all the fastest speedkills of all time and meet their players on the speedrun.com/gw2-discord!

Raid Training Initiative

[RTI] Raid Training Initiative is a very friendly EU Guild Wars 2 raiding community that has been around since February 2016 with hundreds of active players. We know how hard it is to get started with raids, so we offer multiple training raids per week with zero commitment/KP requirements and a relaxed environment that champions respect, friendliness, and patience. Join our Discord to learn more!

The Crossroads Inn

The Crossroads Inn – the place to get started with raiding!
Want to get into raiding but don’t know where to start? We host raid trainings 3 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) at 18:00 GMT, all you need is an EU-Account and a character geared with a meta build for raids!
Join us on our discord to sign up for trainings and start learning!


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